The Prettiest Flowers

Ah, spring! You awaken to the pale glint of dawn through your window instead of winter’s dead blackness. By the time you’ve brewed your first cup of coffee, the sun’s rays have marched over the horizon, blanketing your home with warmth and light. You gaze out the window and…

Dang it. You’ve got a yard full of dandelions. And those weird lumpy-leaved weeds with the scraggly purple flowers. What the heck are those things anyway? You grab your wildflower book and find it:

Purple deadnettle. Even the name is depressing. And paired with a yard full of dandelions? You sigh and make a mental note to research how to rid your yard of both.

But for now you have errands to run. You jump in your car and your route takes you along the horse farm corridor. You glance to your right and are stunned by what you see. You have to pull over! You park on the shoulder, and there it is, glorious in the morning sun: a field completely blanketed in purple.

Purple deadnettle

What the heck are those beautiful flowers anyway? You step out of the car for a closer look and find:

Purple deadnettle.

Hmm…you think as you contemplate your own yard. Maybe the purple deadnettle isn’t that bad. But the dandelions definitely have to go!

Kasey's flowersYou finish your errands and fire up your computer to research dandelion eradication. But first you decide to check your Facebook page, and headlining your news feed is a photo of your beautiful, 5 year old niece, holding a vase of flowers. She’d had a traumatic incident at her preschool (luckily, she was OK), and her classmates wanted to make her feel better, so they had picked some flowers and gave them to her the next day. You look at the photo and see the pure joy on her face as she holds the container with…

Purple deadnettle. And dandelions.

Oh, the things you can learn from preschoolers. You shut down your computer, walk out to your yard, and plop down in the grass amidst the prettiest flowers of spring.


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